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the oberholtzer family | home

To know them is to love them <3 I had the chance to spend a morning with the Oberholtzer family as they hung ornaments on the tree, roasted marshmallows around the fire, had tickle fights and read stories, then Justin gave Talia a special gift for when she grows up. I met Justin and Lori right after Ben was born and Justin had just recently been diagnosed with ALS and now, three years later, they welcomed me into their home (for the second time!) to capture exactly what their life looks like right now. While they're in the midst of the hardest time they'll ever walk through, Justin and Lori are holding onto hope and finding joy in these little moments. So so proud of who they are.I loved seeing the way both of them just love Talia and Ben and are so intentional with their relationship with each of their kids.


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