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i honestly never thought i’d love anything this much. to have the privilege of witnessing sweet little ones entering the world, the moment a mother sees her baby for the first time, and the endless tears of joy shared between parents… these moments get me every time.

crosby hart

mia rose

ira john

cora ann

"you want a videographer in our delivery room to film WHAT?"


... it's something i hear pretty frequently, along with "i would love to have our birth filmed, i just have to convince my husband!" or "just waiting on my husband to come around... he's a private person!" and i totally get it. you bring up having a videographer in the room to film the birth of your child and your husband is thinking, "what's next, you're gonna want to broadcast it on facebook?"




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because i believe in the power of both video *and* still photos,

all collections include both mediums. so you can savor it all!

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