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whether you're just trying to freeze time while they're still little and need you or you're excitedly counting down to your little one's arrival... i can't even wait to capture it all. 



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because i believe in the power of both video *and* still photos,

all collections include both mediums. so you can savor it all!

Maybe you’re not so sure you want someone else in the room with you, or nervous you’re not going to look cute, or maybe you’re just trying to convince your husband this isn’t the strangest thing he’s ever heard?! Then here’s a little FAQ for ya…

Q: Why should I hire a birth videographer? Shouldn't I put that money towards my baby's college fund?

A: Hiring a birth videographer allows you and your spouse to be completely present and see your birth story from a different perspective, as it can go by so quickly (if you're lucky)! Hiring a professional frees up your husband to be in the moment with you, experiencing those moments and feeling all the emotions that come with the miracle of meeting your new little babe!

Q: What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

A: I will be on call 24/7 surrounding your due date! I would love a 3am wake up call soooo… call me beep me!

Q: What is your style of shooting?

A: I strive to be a calming, encouraging presence in the delivery room while also remaining unobtrusive. I focus on getting those in between moments while not being all up in your space (unless you’re a fan of that !) and during the time of delivery, I stay standing in the same place most of the time.

Q: What if I don’t look cute?

A: Knowing that you will be sharing this with family and friends, I’m always careful to only include the *most* flattering shots in your birth story. Also, hair braiding can be added onto any package.


Q: I’m a pretty private/modest person and I don’t really want all of myself out there for the world to see… my mailman is on Facebook...

A: I’m completely open to whatever you want to have documented and remembered! While some parents want the “real stuff,” others prefer mostly the happier moments captured. Anything I post online (your short film) will be completely modest and very *G* rated don’ttttt you worry. :)

Q: Are you a chatter box?

A: Though I was homeschooled, my friends reassure me I’m not socially awkward. However, I also like to think I’m pretty self-aware and really try to gage what the tone of the room is AKA if you’re in pain then I’m just a fly on the wall (or even the hallway wall, if you prefer).

Q: Are you with us for our entire delivery?

A: Usually I wait until you’re checked to see how things are progressing, then go from there. We’ll be in communication frequently and I plan to come when you’re in active labor (usually 5-6cm).

Q: I would love to have our birth filmed... I just have to convince my husband!

A: I totally get it. You bring up having a videographer in the room to film the birth of your child and your husband is thinking, "What's next, you're gonna want to broadcast it on Facebook?" Whether you're a mom or a dad, it can feel out of your comfort zone if it's something you've never heard of or experienced before. But recently, I have been hearing firsthand from dads, sharing with me that they were hesitant going into it but when it comes to watching their child's birth back again, there's nothing more significant and treasured. Click here to read reviews straight from the source!



"For such an intimate, personal event, my husband and I felt completely comfortable with Vanessa there filming those moments. We have watched our video 100x’s over and still cry our eyes out EVERY time!"


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