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“The days are long but the years are short.' Some days bedtime can’t come fast enough, but most days I find myself wanting to freeze time. I want to live in baby giggles and belly laughs. I want to remember the warmth of their skin cuddling next to mine as we read a book. I want time to stand still when my husband and I lock eyes and give each other a smile that softly screams 'I love you' and 'I couldn’t do this without you.' A few months ago at dinner, my husband asked the kids what age they wish they could be and then asked me the same question. Without any second thoughts, I said how old I am now. And while I knew I couldn’t freeze time, I wanted a way to be able to relive this amazing chapter in my life. I am incredibly thankful to have found Vanessa to do just that. What Vanessa captured and so wonderfully documented in our video is how magnificent our every day really is. The occasional tears, spilled milk, and sibling squabbles are nothing but bumps in the road that is lined with hugs and happiness and paved with laughter and love. There was such an ease in working with Vanessa, allowing my whole family to truly be themselves while she filmed. When my children are grown, they will get to peek into their past viewing our video from Vanessa and my husband and I will likely watch with tear flooded eyes reliving this beautiful blessing called life." - Katy


"Vanessa not only provided us with a priceless gift: an incredible video of our son's birth, she also was such a calm, positive, and encouraging presence throughout the entire birth process. She perfectly captured all of the beautiful moments of our son's birth and expertly edited and arranged them in such a way that helped me see our birth experience for what it is: a miracle. There is no moment in life as awe-inspiring as the moment I first heard my son's cry and saw his face, and now I have the immeasurable gift of reliving that moment every time I watch our video. I cannot stress enough how valued and treasured her work is to us, and it will only increase in value as time passes." - Shelby


"It is simply beautiful and so tastefully done! We weren't sure at the beginning if we wanted to capture Finn’s arrival, but upon watching a sneak of her other birth films, I bawled (pregnancy hormones, maybe?!) and knew we had to have Vanessa capture it for us! Vanessa was absolutely wonderful to work with, we met in December and discussed what we wanted. Needless to say Vanessa was with us from triage to Finn being with us in our own room! She was absolutely respectful when getting checked and filmed some of the most beautiful moments! You would have never known she was there, Vanessa was so discreet and quick! Like I said, if you want a wonderful experience and great lady who gets it and understands, check out Vanessa Joy Films! You won't be disappointed." - Sarah


"WOW!! Vanessa is AMAZINGLY talented and has a true gift of capturing beautiful moments and freezing them in time. Vanessa filmed the birth of our precious Juliana. She was with us and filmed during labor, delivery, post-delivery and when our family met our new babe for the first time. For such an intimate, personal event, my husband and I felt completely comfortable with Vanessa there filming those moments. We have watched our video 100x’s over and still cry our eyes out EVERY time! For a day that is so memorable and special, it’s too easy to forget those passing moments. The birth film captures those precious first moments with Juliana, and now, thanks to Vanessa, we get to relive that day over and over again. To say that we recommend Vanessa is an understatement!! She is beyond exceptional and the entire experience exceeded our expectations. Vanessa captured such an incredible, beautiful moment in our lives, and we will truly treasure it forever!!!" - Kendra

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