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half the time you’ll find me tearing up / grabbing tissues while i’m editing (i promise i’m emotionally stable) but really, that’s how i know i never want to do anything else. i felt the Lord so clearly put this on my heart and in guiding me to this place, i discovered it’s what i am truly passionate about.

growing up (anddd even now) i was always the one taking videos and photos of my precious grandparents, fam, and younger brothers because i just don't wanna forget! the videos  always take me back and show me just how #blessed i am and i don't think i'll ever get over the honor it is to do the same for my clients now.

so if you haven't gathered yet... i really love this. like more than chipotle and that's saying a lot!!!

crying through parenthood

with the people i love

eating watermelon (i'll take 10)

on the dance floor at weddings

holding babies

flying somewhere warm

creating the perfect playlist

in bed by 10pm

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