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the martin family | home

It feels like childhood to me 🤍 It’s nothing fancy or planned… a lot of times in home sessions feel like chaos and I prefer that!! The Martins have been in front of my camera each year for the past six years and this one felt extra special as I was editing it, thinking about them adding a sixth person to their family in just a couple short weeks from now 😭 As I was watching this video I kept thinking “wow their lives look pretty perfect and put together” lol but what you would never know is Amber was texting me about her crazy week an hour before the session and telling me “I just walked in the door, my house is a mess but it is what it is… you can still come but i’m not sure how put together we’ll be!” and then here I am feeling every emotion i have watching this play out like it’s a movie 🥲 alsoooo borrowed a friend’s super 8 camera for the first time and after using it this night I was sold. got my own and will be sharing more about that soon!!!


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