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the martin family

Two years in a row unintentionally planning our family beach vacations the same week + same place. At this point, I'm just going to that every year I'll be taking the Martin's family photos on the beach and I'm 100% fine with that. Last year we had about 10 minutes on the beach before it started to rain and this year the day that we chose to take the photos had rain in the forecast... we decided to just go for it because the weather was looking *okay* then the minute we got onto the beach it started to rain. The radar said it was going to rain for the next two hours until dark so we just decided it's now or never. Everyone got out of the car and within 5 minutes, everyone was soaking wet. And about 10 minutes after that, the rain stopped. So what did we decide to do? Go back to the house, dry off, re-curl hair, and go back out for round 2 😂 WORTH IT cause look!


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