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paige charlotte | newborn

Can a baby be this cute?? Is that allowed??? Paige Charlotte is a dream, Katie is glowing and everyone is obsessed. So happy for the Hostetters who welcomed their fourth baby to the crew. Everyone knows I *love* documenting my friends and their cute little families and it's been such a sweet gift to get to be there for so many milestones in Katie and Brent's lives. The adoption of Cam, the birth of Grayson, coming home from the hospital with Macy, and now with Paige! I wish I could quote all the cute and funny things they said when the kids met Paige because it was seriouslyyyy the cutest, dearest thing. Cam, Gray, and Macy will be the best older siblings, always ready to cater to her every need. :) OBSESSED WITH THESE PEOPLEEE!!


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