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larson everette | newborn

LINDY AND TEAGAN HAVE A BABY BROTHER!! <3 Could not be more excited for the Mcconnell family as they welcomed their first boy, Larson Everette. I was able to film the birth of both Lindy and Teagan and although restrictions hadn't lifted at the hospital when Larson was born, Brett was a PRO and captured all this video himself!!! They sent it to me and I was just cryingggg while editing (shocker.) We kept the tradition alive and about a week after Larson was born, we had dinner together while we watching the video/scrolling through each photo... it's my favorite tradition ever. :) Thanking Becky and Brett over and over again for inviting me to capture all these monumental moments in growing their family... also thanking them for having some of the cutest kids on the PLANET.


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