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jonah eugene | birth

got the call that this baby was coming around 4am one morning and ran out of the door so fast i didn’t have time to brush my teeth *or* put shoes on. frantically walking (ok jk i was definitely running) barefoot through neighbor’s yards in the dark, squinting for the house number where Dave and Melissa live. One of those moments that felt like it lasted 10 minutes but it was probably 30 seconds. I just kept thinking *every second counts!!!* Made it with about 45 minutes to spare before Jonah Eugine was born in the Hess's home!! It was Melissa's dream to do a home/water birth and when she asked me to document this day, I was so so excited. I've gotten to know the Hess family over the last few years after doing a newborn session for them when Nolan was born and hanging out at their house last summer for a lifestyle session. And now filming the birth of their son?! Seriously the most special thing. Cora and Nolan were so sweet their new brother, completely in love with him and I couldn't loveee this family any more! So fun to watch them grow up. <3

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