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ezra wesley | birth

hopped in my car on a rainy Thursday afternoon when I got the call from Janelle that baby (boy?! girl?!) was on their way!! The last time I saw the Burton family was after Iris was born, and I couldn't wait to capture the birth of their fourth babe on the way!! Miles was by Janelle's side the whole time, while his younger siblings and dad snuck in a nap before the big moment (!!!) Janelle handled every contraction like a pro, staying calm, cool and collected as Miles brought her water and made a "bed" full of pillows for her (*melt*) Janelle told him "go wake up daddy!" when the time was getting closer and soon after that, baby BOY Burton was here!! I loved seeing the awe on each of the kid's faces as they watched in amazement... Their baby brother was here and they instantly loved him. So special to have Ezra Wesley born in Janelle's parents home with their support and love by her side all the way through. <3 Love this fam of SIX!


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