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ezekiel daniel | birth

I've been anticipating this day ever since Marty emailed me about filming the birth of the third baby!! We were hoping and praying hospital rules would allow for an additional support person to be in the delivery room by this summer and here we are! It was my first time filming a hospital birth since 2020 (!!!!) and I wish I could articulate how much I loved being back. Like truly. Walking through those doors with my little visitors pass at 1am felt just as exciting as I imagined it would.

John and Marty are such a sweet couple, and there's no better time to get to know each other than at 3am when you're waiting for a baby right?! I loved hearing about their family, how they met, and how much they had been anticipating meeting this little boy... Ezekiel Daniel is the perfect addition to the Jenkins family and I'm so honored that John and Marty asked me to be there on his birth-day. :) One week later, I got to meet Cora and Wesley who just loveee their new baby brother (no surprise there ;)) and it was so fun to see them again, one week later and document these first days with their new baby boy. <3


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