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emerson phoenix-l'amour | birth

It took everything in me not to SCREAM at how cute this was (drama lol but true.) I arrived a few minutes before Alberto and Yvette got home from the hospital, their kids not knowing if they were bringing home a baby brother or sister. The room was filled with cheering, hugs, and disbelief as they found out it was a BOY! Cindy was the cutest thing, congratulating her brother and saying "you have a brother!! I'm so happy for you!!" I'm honestly surprised I didn't lose it in that instant. They all took turns holding Emerson, amazed by how tiny he was and all his little features. I went back a few nights later to document more of their newest addition to the family and everyone was just as in love 😍 It was so special to put this video together + so many sweet moments that Yvette and Alberto captured since Plan A didn't work out for me to put at the birth. Honestly, I was tearing up behind my computer screen as they shared their sweet messages to their baby that they would soon meet + hold.... Can't wait for you to see!! Loved meeting this incredible fam <3


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