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ellis cole | birth

After lots of planning, anticipating, praying, and dreaming… the day was finally here (!!!) It was a Friday, just one day before Ellis’s due date when he was born in the stillness of Martin’s home. Just walking into their bedroom, you could sense God's presence filling this small space and it was the truest and most irreplaceable gift to be there + support Tyler and Amber in this dream of having their son at home. Amber shared the sweetest words from this day…

“In the stillness & peace of our home, on the other side of tension, tears & surrender; he drew his first breath.

A dream I never knew I had was fulfilled through his gentle, hbac, birth at home.

It was holy ground, a thin space where heaven drew close as we got to partner with the Father in bringing forth new life. He is so faithful. Birth is so utterly human, yet sacred.

His labor & birth renewed, healed and changed me in ways I’ve yet to understand.

Over the last year we’ve been partaking in communion every Sunday - and it never fails to shift my heart.

So in the midst of contractions, we took a pause & honored the author of it all. Jesus’ presence was tangible in the room as we received his body + blood. Communion was his invitation to “with ness” and connection in the middle of it all. We wept as we surrendered old patterns and received breakthrough over our family line.

He was there, WITH me, in the middle of the imperfect weakness of my flesh and the raw beauty of birth.”

Every birth I’ve ever witnessed is such a miracle, and truly leaves me speechless, with tears in my eyes 10/10 times. But there’s always something about being there for close friends in such a special moment in time that will truly never lose it’s impact on me… and my emotions will always get the best of me and that’s just fiiiiiine 🙃 There were so many significant moments from December 17… seeing Ty and Amber take communion together, watching Ellis take his first breath (in the bathroom of all places bc everyone knows things rarely go *as planned*), seeing the relief all over Amber’s face as she held this sweet miracle in her arms… then soon after, seeing Keegan, Layne and Cora come home in their pajamas to meet their baby brother 😭 I love it all and I could watch this video 100 times and still be crying. SO HAPPY FOR THE MARTINS… FAMILY OF SIX 🤍


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