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elio victor | birth

The most exciting day... and a baby born faster than anyone anticipated!! I left as soon as I got the call from David that Ashleigh was in labor and 7cm. Hardly an hour later, I was 5 minutes from the hospital when David texted me "it is happening" I was speeding (oops) as fast as I could to York Hospital, running through the halls of labor and delivery and rushing into the room just as they were putting Elio on Ashleigh's chest. IT WAS WILD. No one could believe how quickly it happened and I somehow made it on the exact minute he was born. 4:13am. Pretty sure the adrenaline is still rushing through me lol. David and Ashleigh were on CLOUD 9 literally couldn't stop smiling and laughing together, soaking in these first moments with their son. So happy for these two amazing parents!!


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