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eleanor jane | birth

the most anticipated, rewarding day. <3 Less than 24 hours before Elena started having contractions, she messaged me and asked if I'd be available to come film the birth of her and Josh's baby girl... telling me it could be "any day now!" as she was just over 40 weeks! It was the best last minute plan that just came together so perfectly and I'm so grateful I was able to be there to capture such a significant day in their lives. I arrived soon after 5am on Friday morning to the Martin's home where, very soon (!), they would be bringing little Eleanor Jane into the world! Through every moment of exhaustion, Elena handled what ended up being a long labor and every contraction like a champ. I am TRULY amazed by her. She was surrounded by the greatest support system... Her husband Josh right by her side, encouraging and cheering her on.... Elena's mom, sister, as well as Josh's mom were also there to support her through each passing hour. The relief and pure joy on Elena's face as soon as Ellie was born was the most beautiful thing to witness, and after years of prays and waiting... Josh and Elena were living the day they have dreamed of. So special to be a part of documenting these anticipated moments and I could not be happier for the Martin family!


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