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caden william | birth

“You don’t even need to title it Caden’s Birth you can just call it “Mitch’s Cry Fest” - Lindsey

GET YOUR TISSUES READY because Mitch won’t be the only one who is crying!!! I felt *the most honored* when Lindsey emailed me in 2019 before she was even pregnant to talk about hiring me to come film their future *first* baby’s birth!!! It felt like we became fast friends through a few email exchanges then a year later I got the “I just found out I’m pregnant!” email and I started my 9 month countdown!! Mitch was Lindey's greatest cheerleader, constantly praying over her and telling her "you can do this, you're doing this, you're so strong!" and she really was. After hours and hours of laboring in their peaceful home surrounded by a wonderful support system, they met their son Caden William!! *Andddd here come the tears!!!* It was the sweetest thing to witness this surreal moment that Lindsey and Mitch met their little boy for the first time. I'll never get over the honor is to be invited into such a special memory. The next day their family came to meet their grandson (and nephew!) and it didn't take long to see that he will be the most loved. :)

Ugh, really couldn't wait to share this one!!


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