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arowyn nel | birth

Something I've learned in the last 5 years of filming and photographing births... ALWAYS take your camera with you. Whenever I know it's approaching someone's due date, I have my camera basically anywhere I go just in case I get the call... and in this case, the call came when I was out camping in a tent l o l. I threw clothes on, grabbed my camera bag and left for the hospital on a Saturday morning. Lauren and Jordan had the most amazing team of support for the arrival of their first baby (boy?! girl!?) Not only did they have the wonderful Shanan from Barefoot Doula,but Lauren also had some of her close friends and co-workers deliver her baby!! She's a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital where she delivered so it was extra special to be surrounded by so many people that she sees every week.... and now it was her turn! Jordan and Lauren didn't know what they were having, and when Jordan exclaimed "it's a girl!" I think the whole room was teary eyed as they were in true disbelief!! They have a daughter! Such an honor to not only photograph their maternity session but now their birth and newborn session as they adjust to being parents to the sweetest little girl... Arowyn Nell <3


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