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cooper allen | birth

they were keeping the gender a surprise, and while I was supposed to be at the birth of Brenda and Jason's fourth baby, they captured the exact moment (with the help of a nurse!) that they found out it was A BOY! just as they anticipated. :) Chase wouldn't be outnumbered any longer and Chelsea and Charlotte would have a little baby brother to take care of. the kids were jumping up and down in excitement as I arrived at their home on the day they brought Cooper home from the hospital... ready to run up the stairs to meet their baby brother. the girls couldn't get over his tiny little features and Chase was already dreaming of what he was going to teach him, what he was going to like to play with when he gets older, and anxiously waiting for Cooper to open his eyes! the Ruhl family is truly as sweet as they seem and I just loveddd meeting them and documenting the day they brought Cooper home! <3

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