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macy kate | newborn

because of the recently changed rules in hospitals and who is allowed to be in the delivery room during this time, I wasn't able to be there to film the birth of one of my best friend's baby girl... I'd be lying if I said it wasn't disappointing all around but I am so proud of the way Katie and Brent have faced the disappointments of what they originally planned as things are forever changing. From what delivery would look like, to visitors, to friends and family meeting their new baby girl. I wanted their video to be extra special... Something that Macy would have to watch as she gets older, to see how expectant her brothers were to meet her, the sweet sound of her first heart beat, and the joy that overcame her dad when he found out he would have a daughter.

There was no distracting Cam or Gray when they came to meet Macy (not even the mask I was wearing) and their reactions couldn't have been better. Like I can't even dream this stuff up. At one point I let out a "I'm crying" (conveniently took that audio out of their video) and then the next moment I'm holding back laughter over Cam's commentary. Can't wait till I can hold Macy and squeeze allll the of them but for now I'll just be playing this on repeat... <3

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