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it's how all good stories start... you meet while browsing the sale section across from each other at an Anthropologie in Philly and two and a half years later you're meeting up across the country in Hawaii?! I got to hang out with Mike, Martha, and their four month old baby girl Holland in Honolulu a couple months ago... and while I was on the other side of the world, seeing them felt like a little piece of home. my fingers couldn't respond fast enough when Martha emailed me about coming to do a session with them as they relocated from living in Philadelphia to making their new home in Honolulu. i went over to their cute little apartment on a sunshiney day (no surprise there) and was greeted with a coffee and scone from Mike and Martha's favorite coffee shop. wish we could have hung out all day drinking coffee and eating pastries because this family really felt like old friends and were so kind to make me feel so welcomed/never silly for asking so many questions about where to go and what to do. by the end of our session, Martha was referring to me as "auntie" and I was low key (but not actually low key) freaking out because apparently this is just the ultimate term of endearment in Hawaii. all i ask is that i'm always auntie to you, Holland!! love the blodgetts and love this really small world. <3

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