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you can't meet Colton James and not adore him. He's a fighter, has a smile that lights up the room, and is a constant source of joy for those that know him. Jason and Morgan have been on a journey over the last seven months as their sweet son was diagnosed with Leukemia, and I have been following their story through Morgan's blog "The Dietrich Days" where she shares updates on Colton, his health and spirits, and what the Lord is teaching them through all of this. I got to spend a morning with them as they showed me around Colton's hospital room (where they've spent countless nights over the last seven months), what Colton's favorite things to do in the hospital are, his go-to story books, and how they've made this little space feel as home-y as possible. :) I can't tell you how much I admire Jason and Morgan's ability to be vulnerable through this entire process, sharing how heartbreaking it is to see your son go through something like this and yet how they have continued to find joy in the little moments, hope in Jesus as they trust that He is holding each of them in His hands... I'm inspired by their faith and encouraged seeing how Colton's life is already impacting those around him. Friends, family and strangers. <3

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