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jett joseph | birth

i've watched and re-watched this birth video numerous times myself and now I get to share it with the world. and that makes me SO HAPPY. I had the greatest honor of being invited in on so many exciting milestones of Steve and Mandy's journey to meet their baby boy. I was there to capture their gender reveal in July, their baby shower in August, and here we are... December 8. The day Jett Joseph was born! <3 It was almost midnight when Steve and Mandy finally met their son and every difficulty they faced leading up to the moment he was born truly made it that much sweeter. Mandy embodied so much strength and perseverance through every single moment and Steve was right by her side, holding her hand and being her number one fan. as Steve was holding Jett for the first time, he looked over at Mandy and said "I just can't believe he's ours, we get to take him home!" and that pretty much sums up the immense joy, gratefulness, and disbelief that was seen in their eyes as these two incredible parents got to hold their miracle baby. <3

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