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the trovato family | home

christmas spirit in every single room, sisters in their festive pajamas who are counting down till December 25th, lights strung as christmas music and scents filled their home.... Wanna be at the Trovato's house yet?! I was lucky enough to get to experience and capture the magic of the Christmas season in their home a few weeks ago and it was so fun to see how they go all out, making everything merry and bright!! I've always loved Christmas because although it's typically an extra busy time of year, it also forces us to slow down and soak it all in and that's just what my time with them felt like. The last time I saw Ashley and Rob family was when Audrey was born and Mikayla was coming to meet her little sister for the first time... two years later they invited me back for pancakes and coffee and documenting this sweet season and i couldn’t loveee days like these any more!!

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