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leo paul | newborn

these exact moments. they’re one of my favorite to document. the moment when grandparents and great grandparents come to meet their grandson for the first time, hold him in their arms and can’t help but get teary at the miracle right before them. i've been looking forward to the day i would get to meet Leo (feeling bonded from the moment I heard he was due on my birthday!!!) and apparently he knew everyone wanted to meet him because he arrived *almost* three weeks early and he's more perfect than anyone could have imagined!!! Zach and Lauren's families came to meet baby Leo and from that moment on, no one could take their eyes off his sweet little face. so much love between Zach and Lauren's families and i just know they were made to be the perfect parents to this little boy. <3 it was so special to be a small part of this day and i can't wait to watch as Leo grows up/see all the carhartt beanies and flannels he'll be wearing 😍

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