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fletcher thomas | birth

I woke up at 2am to a call from Charlotte, and after hearing "I'm in labor!" I snapped out of my sleepy state, grabbed my camera bag and drove to Josh and Charlotte's home on a peaceful and rainy Sunday morning. Baby Fletcher came soon after I arrived and from Charlotte's first contraction until the moment he entered the world, it was a quick three hours! And now we will be taking a moment of silence for this rockstar momma who handled every single moment like a champ!!!

About a month before Fletcher was born, I went to the Longenecker home to document one of Charlotte's last appointments with her midwife and I loved capturing the simple days like this one as they anticipated this baby's arrival. On the night Fletcher was born, the last place Tripp and Violet would ever be at 3am would be their beds... Violet was so sweet to comfort Charlotte through contractions and each of them would peek their head in or curl up in Josh's arms, just waiting to meet their brother or sister. Tripp and Violet are gems and have the sweetest hearts... I have no doubt Fletcher will take after them. :) I'm tellllllling you, you can't know the Longenecker family and not love them and this day was such a joy to capture. <3

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