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last August I spent an evening with the Stevenson family, Charlotte was 2 and Sawyer was just a few months old. Since then, they've moved to a farm (with Bri's parents!) temporarily as their plan in the next year is to build a house just down the road. Sometimes it's big changes and sometimes it's just the little ones that get me... but I'm always so honored when families welcome me back a year later to capture life as it looks now. Next year at this time life will look so different for them, as Brianna and Justin's plan to build a house and raise their family there will be happening soon! I am so thankful they wanted to capture this "in between" season as they prepare for what is next. We found chickens, walked to the open field where their house will be built, picked wildflowers and ate ice cream sandwiches. what SUMMER NIGHT DREAMS are made of. Already counting down till the next time I can hang with this family and hoping Charlie is always calling me Aveza rather than Vanessa. Cause nicknames mean we're besties.

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