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jay wayne | newborn

They decided to keep it a surprise (and the best one!) to find out the Brubaker family would be adding a fourth boy to their family this summer. I met Jade for the first time at her Baby Sprinkle for baby B in June and was already counting down until I could find out what they were having... So when the day finally came that they would get to meet this little one, you bet the waiting room was packed full of friends and family. The commentary between the boys when they found out they were welcoming another brother and seeing him for the first time was something I wish I could bottle up and relive because I know I was making an "oh my goodness is what they're saying real right now?" face behind my camera the whole time. Favorite quote was "I think it's a boy!" after 10 minutes of being in the room and holding him. You can't help but love this fam. <3

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