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It was almost a year ago that I had met Cassie and Charles, right after their baby boy Charlie was born. They asked me to capture some of those sweet first moments, particularly when Carter would come meet him for the first time, and I remember how sweet Carter was with her new little brother. Now, a year later, this cuteeeee family welcomed me into their home to capture what life looks like with a one and three year old! My favorite thing about in home sessions is always seeing the routine of families and capturing what may seem so "normal" to them, but I truly see these fleeting moments as the ones I hope they remember a little extra through video and photos... Like Charlie learning to walk and always reaching for a hand, the way he scoots around under the table after dinner to find the food people dropped, the way Carter has her own ideas and follows them (hamburger bun with ketchup for dinner?) and her little voice sounds when she says "thank you!" I'm obsessed with this familyyyy (may have told them that a few times) and it's truly the sweetest gift to be able to see them grow. <3

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