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jonah devereux | birth

I met Rachel and her girls at Chic Fil A on a snowy day over the winter (best place to have any kind of meeting IMO because... FROSTED LEMONADE and a playground) where she shared with me the birth experience she had with her two girls and how she and her husband, Nick, weren't planning to find out the gender for this baby (one of my favorite things to hear!!!) Cami and Autumn told me how excited they were to meet their baby brother or sister, so you bet all of us were counting down till June. I may have gotten ahead of myself one Saturday night, a couple days before Rachel's due date when she texted me saying they were at the hospital. Usually I wait for the go-ahead to come but this time I was just too nervous to sleep so I packed my pillow and blanket and drove to The Women's Place in Lititz at 11:00pm. I slept in my car all night (not as uncomfortable as you may think, besides the seat belt buckle I was laying on) and woke up to a text at 5:30am when Rachel told me her labor had stopped and they're heading home. My motto? Better safe than sorry!!! It wasn't until a week later that this little boy ACTUALLY wanted to come into the world and he arrived so fast that I was tailgating every car on the backroads of Lititz, getting to the hospital 12 minutes before he was born!! I love when Rachel whispers through her exhaustion (she's a CHAMP) and disbelief "it's a boy!" and her husband, Nick couldn't do anything but smile. And although Cami and Autumn claimed they thought they'd be getting another sister, neither of them could stop smiling either when they came to met their baby BROTHER, constantly asking if they can hold him again, telling him to open his eyes, and examining all of Landon's little features. The Klein family just got a whole lot cuter (didn't think it was possible?!) and I'm so honored I was able to be there for these special moments. <3

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