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kylie marie | newborn

my time with the Bishop family was so sweet. Rachael and I had been e-mailing back and forth for a few months as she anticipated the arrival of their baby girl (basically felt like we were already friends!) and it was such a joy to be there to capture Shawn, Rachael and little Kylie coming home from the hospital to meet Brayson for the first time. As soon as they walked in the door, without hesitation, Brayson was running up to the car seat ready to hold his baby sister, and help Shawn carry Kylie into the house. He couldn't contain his excitement to have her home and it was the cutestttt thing to see him notice her little bow and look so proud at his momma as he points to Kylie and said "baby? baby?" No surprise that Kylie is going to be well loved and taken care of by not only her parents but her proud big brother. <3 Loved this day with this family of four andddd no doubt in my mind you're gonna love them too. :)

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