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emarie sue | birth

considered bringing my laptop on vacation because do you know how hard it is to start editing a day like this one then have to LEAVE IT untouched for a whole week? decided against this idea (precious cargo, ya know?), but you bet it was the first thing i did when i get home. laurian was due with baby emarie two days before i was scheduled to leave for my trip, so when I heard she was measuring a week early and going to be induced, my response to her was basically just reading between the lines of exclamation points.

Laurian’s husband, mom, and aunt were her #1 encouragers in the delivery room and when I walked in, I could feel the excitement and anticipation as it got closer and closer to the time they would meet Emarie Sue!! And yes, I must draw attention to what we’re all thinking: Laurian looks completely flawless the entire time…. you’re not seeing things. she is a radiant momma and has the sweetest heart. <3 Ella, Gracie and Luke came to meet their baby sister the next day and their love for her is my favorite thing… studying all her little features and begging to be the next one in line to hold her. the perfect little family of six. <3

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