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perrie grace | newborn

"IT'S A BABY GIRL" were the first words out of JR's mouth when he realized he was a big brother to a SISTER now (!!!) quickly followed by "can we take her sledding?" The baby of the family, Dawson (who isn't the baby anymore!) just kept pointing and smiling and squeezing her cheeks and touching her little toes... Perrie Grace is going to be so loved. <3 She was a surprise to everyone, since most were convinced this would be another boy to add to the Holtzhaur family! The excitement and shock that filled the room as family and friends came to meet this new little addition was priceless... Most likely squeals of joy being heard through the halls of Women and Babies. :) Perrie is adored by so many people already and the perfect addition to a wonderful family. <3

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