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saraya grace | birth

Sunday, March 3: i got on an elevator, frantically pushing the “close doors” button but it’s taking what feels like an eternity until i hit the third floor. RAN (out of breath and sweating in my winter coat) down the hall to find two nurses just watching me, then asking “are you the videographer?” huffing and puffing with my camera in hand they point me in the right direction after telling me “you’re just in time she’s like... having the baby right now!” 2 minutes after i walked in, a sweet little newborn cry was all that was heard (not counting my incredibly loud sigh of RELIEF) still praising the Lord that Saraya wasn't born in the parking lot and I didn't hit one more red light on my way to the hospital. :) If you're looking for the definition of super mom... Susie is IT. raising four children and making the fifth look easy and so beautiful... It's easy to she is filled with grace and patience, and loves her family more than anything. Rodger was the stable support system, always by her side and just adoring Saraya. she is the absolute perfect completion to their family and will be the most loved little girl. <3

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