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bennett matthew | birth

A year and a half ago was when I first met Matt and Jenna... in this exact hospital after they had their first baby boy, Jude. I was completely honored and thrilled (understatement) when Jenna asked me to film the birth of their second baby boy this month. It all started on a cold Monday night, I was watching the Bachelor with my girlzzz and got a text saying things were progressing and Jenna was in labor (!!!!)... So of course, Colton Underwood had to wait.

Jenna was a true SUPERSTAR and took every contraction like a champ amidst a failed epidural that left her feeling everythingggg. Matt was right by her side through every moment, truly the biggest cheerleader I've ever seen (telling her "you're doing this! you got this!" and finally, with tears in his eyes "YOU DID IT") The emotion that filled the room was tooooo much, I couldn't keep it together any longer as Bennett entered the world with the sweetest cry, making all of us emotional. The next day, Jude came to the hospital to meet his little brother and I CAN'T HANDLE HIM. He literally wouldn't stop smiling, looking at his brother, and squealing in excitement. This little family of four is just the bestttt and I already feel a little nostalgic for this day. <3

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