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blake paxton | birth

Jess e-mailed me back in July and said she and her husband, Brendon would love to have the birth of their fourth baby filmed. She told me her labors have happened faster with every baby so "i'm not sure if this dream of mine is even possible!" You can bet I had my phone on the *highest ringer* as her due date was approaching and honestly was PRAYING I would get there in time no matter when it happened!

I dropped everything on Saturday night (okay, the only thing I was doing was watching the Fyre Festival Documentary) and when I got a text from her saying contractions were picking up so I drove (safely) to Brendon and Jess's home where soon after, she had her sweet baby Blake. It was my first experience filming a home birth and it was truly one of the most incredible things to witness. Jess was a CHAMPION like literally took every contraction with ease and knew exactly what she was doing. Everyone in the room was so proud of her strength as she brought this little baby into the world with so much support from her husband and midwife team. <3

The next day, Jess and Brendon's kids came in to meet their baby brother and DON'T GET MY STARTED. So much self control on MY part to not squeal and "aww" at their little conversations and observations back and forth talking about this perfect addition to their family. Cannot wait for you to meet this fam. <3

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