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farah faith | newborn

A couple weeks before Farah was born, some of Anna's (kindest) friends told her they were gifting Anna and her family a session with me (still can't believe it) so you betttt this day was highly anticipated by EVERYONE. I know the Kail family through church and it was just the most special thing to be a part of the day they officially became a family of 5!

I'm pretty sure "proud" is the biggest understatement to describe Jude and Taryn. They could hardly stand still or stop talking about how excited they were to meet their baby sister. I can't get over the moment when they walked in the room and saw her for the first time... pointing out all her little features, holding her hand and kissing her cheeks... Farah will (for sure) be the center of attention prettttty much forever and Jude and Taryn wouldn't want it any other way. They're already the best of friends. You're gonna adoreeee this family. Promise. <3

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