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one of the besttt nights this summer was spent with the Brianna and Justin and their perfect squeezy little babes Charlotte and Sawyer. My favorite moments are always the simple ones. The ones that are so unique to a specific family, but capturing the little tiny details they may forget years down the road... Like Charlie's excitement chasing bubbles or how she loves the spice rack, cooking with her momma, and carrying around her blanket.... Sawyer holding his daddy's finger, or Bri and Justin trading off holding him as they eat dinner. The moment that may take the cake though? Charlie putting rice on the top of her cup and "drinking" it at dinner. I wanna be her. I wanna be a toddler cause she's like, the coolest one.

I was thrilled when Bri told me she wanted a family film each year to see just how different every year looks for their family. I was completely HONORED that she asked me to come document a simple summer night for them... cause it's my favorite thing in the WHOLE WORLD. Fall in love with this fam aka watch the first 10 seconds!!!

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