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liam jet + piper ann | birth

less than two years ago, I was filming a birth... my second one ever and it was the birth of Finn Archer, Sarah and Kevin's first little baby boy!! It honestly feels like it was last week that I was making a bed on the hospital floor and we were watching endless episodes of Fixer Upper before Finn entered the world the next morning.

You can imagine my excitement when I got an e-mail from Sarah in February telling me she was a couple weeks into her second pregnancy and wanted me to be there AGAIN. If I'm being honest it's been pretty much my dreammmm to capture a birth of someone who had previously hired me for their first child and now it was HAPPENING. You think it can't get any better right?? A few weeks after that, Sarah e-mailed me again sharing she was carrying twins!!! Yes, my jaw hit the floor when I read her message.... TALK ABOUT A DREAM.

It was the most amazing experience to be a part of this day. I walked into their hospital room and felt like family. After spending 24+ hours with them during Finn's birth, it was so fun being back with Sarah and Kevin as well as Sarah's mom and her cousin. Sarah was a rockstar, carrying Liam and Piper full term and delivery came a little faster this time around! Liam was born at 3:07am and Piper entered the world about 40 minutes later. Watching twins being born naturally was an experience I know I'll never forget, as well as everyone in that little hospital room! Joy and excitement on everyone's faces and I could not be happier for the Pannebakker fam. <3 Every birth is such a miracle to witness and I am so grateful for the people that trust me again (and again!) to capture such an important day. Liam and Piper are going to be spoiledddd in the best way possible, and seeing sweet Finn all grown up and becoming a big brother was so special.

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