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cora ann | birth

they're a few of the people I love most, and I'm forever grateful for the friendship and relationship I have with each of them... from being family to close friends. <3 for the past 2 years, I have filmed a lifestyle video with the Martin's to capture their "every day"... something tangible they will have that helps them remember each year as it was. In November while I was there, Amber casually asked Keegan and Layne "where's momma's baby?" as I almost fell to the ground and dropped my camera squealing. ANOTHER MARTIN BABE ON THE WAY is this my early Christmas gift??? Then Tyler and Amber asked me to be in the delivery room... no gift better than that.

Greatest text I ever received was on Thursday evening saying "I'm having contractions..." less than 48 hours before I was supposed to be leaving for vacation for a week (*talk about stress my heart is still racing*) PRAISE THE LORD I could hardly believe this was happening but it reallllly was cause at 5am on Friday morning I was driving to the hospital!!

Tyler and Amber were the best team. They worked together so well and were a constant support to each other in every way. Megan, their incredible doula, was also there with them every step of the way and truly brought a calming presence to the entire room. For me, there was something so special about this day and these moments... being there with them as Tyler and Amber worked together to get closer and closer to meeting Cora. It was truly such an honor that they trusted me so much and wanted me to be a part of such an intimate moment in their lives. A memory I know I'll always hold so close is praying with Amber through contractions and reading verses that she had previously written down, reminding her of the Lord's strength and peace. Okay and Amber is a CHAMPIONNNNN. Her strength is something I still can't wrap my mind around... like 20 hours of labor and her determination never wavered.

No one (including Tyler and Amber) knew what they were having, so when she was finally born and I heard Tyler whisper "it's a girl" I couldn't keep my cool any longer. Tyler couldn't stop crying which in turn made me a mess and we all just fell apart... cause they GOT THEIR GIRL and she's a perfect little angel. Keegan and Layne coming in to meet their baby sister had my heart melting in seconds and I still can't get over the sweetness and obsession they have for their "baby Co-ya".

I love this little fam of five so much (if you haven't gathered) and I'm pretty sure I'll never get tired of talking about how magical this day really was. <3

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