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landyn allen | birth

a few of the people closest to them were alongside Bri and George as they welcomed their son, Landyn Allen into the world on July 15. Bri told me when we had met months ago that it was important to her that her mom, dad and mother in law be in the room to witness Landyn's birth.... and not only them but her 3 year old son, Parker as well!! Such an incredible moment to see Parker as he watched wide eyed and amazed that his little brother was born right before his eyes! (and really, a story I'm sure he hasn't stopped telling.) No doubt in my mind that Parker and Brynlee will be the sweetest siblings and take the best care of little Landyn. <3

Bri and George, it was truly such a joy for me to be a part of this special day for your family. Thank you for inviting and choosing me to capture these sweet moments... I couldn't ask for a bigger honor than that! <3

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