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okay i know i'm probably biased... cause we're family, neighbors, anddd Keegan, Layne and I were all born on the same day (few years apart) but these are liiiiterally a few of my favorite people in the world. last year, as I was just starting my business, I did my first lifestyle film in their home with one year old twins running around (or at this time just learning to walk!) I remember it made me emotional watching it back last year, and knowing so much changes so quickly, I knew I wanted to do this the following year for them. seeing the video from last year and this year side by side makes me so grateful for the joy and privilege it is to have this "job." (is it really a job at this point??) Tyler and Amber are full of love and so much patience, even on the hard days... it's who they are and I'm so proud of them and proud to know them. they're raising their boys to be strong, caring, and brave. and freakin cute. Oh and MINOR DETAIL they're about to bring another little martin babe into the world in August!!! these four (soon to be five!!) hold a special and close place in my heart <3 can't wait to see what next winter looks like for them cause you bet I'll be there for round 3. :)

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