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grayson cole | birth

sometimes i still can't believe i'm writing this. it feels surreal in the best way possible and my one concern with filming the birth grayson cole (my best friend's baby!!!) was that i wouldn't be able to hold the camera steady or see straight because of the water in my eyes. but don't worry, all is well and I didn't slip on the puddle of my tears on the floor. soooo ready for round 2!!

Brent and Katie's journey to becoming parents is one I have had the honor of seeing firsthand, praying for and listening to, while also wondering what the Lord's purpose was through uncertainty and heartbreak. I can honestly say that even on the hardest days, I saw Katie and Brent cling to Him and each other more than ever. He carried them through every single moment... every celebration of life and every disappointment. Through numerous miscarriages over the course of 2 years to being told they may never be able to have biological children of their own, Katie and Brent began to ask the Lord what His desire in growing their family was. A couple months before Katie found out she was pregnant, God was beginning to work in her and Brent's heart as He led them to foster care which eventually blessed them with the most perfect little boy who came to their home in May. <3

Katie told me she was pregnant with this little miracle baby one summer day in July and I remember it so clearly. I cried in her kitchen right after I found a pregnancy test in a bag of kitchen things she was giving me for my house (cute/clever.) Although it felt reallyyy scary at times to continually hope and believe... Brent and Katie chose it, always. Their story has increased my own faith and trust in God's timing and that He is always walking with us through each moment. They have reminded me that He will carry us through the darkest days if we choose to lean into Him rather than pull away.... AND HE'S THE GOD OF MIRACLES. <3

There was something so beautiful on the other side of so much brokenness, and I admire Brent and Katie so much for the way they walked through every trial together. Their story is already increasing faith in those around them and my prayer is that through their boldness and willingness to let people in, it changes and encourages the lives of those who can identify with any piece of what they have walked through. <3

And now for my FAVORITE DAY EVER. I could never adequately describe the joy in the room when Brent and Katie saw Gray's face and held him in their arms for the first time. Before he was born the doctor told them that he could tell that Gray had hair and I teared up on the spot. Pretty sure it was all hitting me that this little baby that so many people have prayed for was about to enter the world. And I was able to be there to witness it all?! Forget birthday gifts for the rest of my life cause this was more of a gift than they could ever give me. Katie is a CHAMPION and my favorite favorite thing is seeing her as a mother. She is glowing and happier than ever and I am just really proud of her. Love love love the Hostetter fam more than anything!!!

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