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olive blaze | newborn

olive blaze. her name means peace and fire, which is exactly how she entered the world!! waiting for the midwife and videographer to arrive was *not* on her agenda so Brandon was the very first one to see and hold his daughter (YEAH, I KNOW 😱) Babies do what they want!!! I walked into an incredibly peaceful bedroom, right where Olive was born on Valentine's Day! But the waiting and anticipating really came when Samantha and Brandon were watching for their kids, Eva and Aslan to get home from school later that day. They had told them before "if you ride the bus home from school and we don't pick you up, that means Olive is here!" so they knew when Dad was waiting for them at the bus stop... SHE WAS HERE. The two of them literallyyyy could not get in the house fast enough and squeals filled the bedroom as they ran up to meet Olive and obsess over her tiny little features and cute head of hair. I have a feeling she's going to be pretttty popular.

The Moist family are the kind of people you just want to be around. You'll see why. <3

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