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anna joy | coming home

a miracle right before your eyes!! i was planning to film her birth but after an unexpected turn of events, Anna Joy was brought into the world 3 months early, born at 28 weeks and weighing 1lb 6oz!! Emily and William's strength over this time and their reliance on God was something so remarkable and He truly carried them through. On the days they weren't sleeping at the hospital, they were going back and waiting at the NICU doors every morning to see Anna again. This little girl had prayers being lifted up for her every single day by family and friends as she continued to gain strength and grow right before their eyes!! Although her entrance into the world was sooner than they planned, Emily and William know they're the lucky ones to have 3 extra months with their baby girl! She's loved more than she'll ever know and I'm so sure the Lord has amazing things ahead for her life! <3 I had the honor of capturing these special moments of Emily and William on the day they had been dreaming of ever since she was born... Bringing Anna Joy home from the hospital. <3

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