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lindy jean | birth

i talk about her like she’s my own “HAVE YOU SEEN Becky and Brett’s angel baby?!” thankfully that doesn’t even scare them. she's the most perfect tiny little human and I think we're gonna be bffs.

Speaking of bffs... Becky and I grew up going to the same church but only became close friends in 2010. How do I remember it was 2010? Because it was Jake Pavelka's season of the Bachelor which is what truly bonded us. A Monday night tradition that turned into a lifelong friendship <3 (see, good things do come from watching the bachelor) a few years later, she took a trip to spain where she met Brett and during that time I would stay up late on Facebook messenger asking her about her trip when she hinted that she met this guy Brett who resembles Brooks from the Bachelor (there it is again) and she thinks she's going to marry him. 8 months later I stood with Brett and Becky on their wedding day and a month ago i had the privilege of standing with them in the hospital room when they welcomed their baby girl into the world!!! a day i wish we could relive (#2???) but until then we'll just keep watching their birth film cause it's the closest it'll get. one of my favorite things is seeing just how much they love each other and adoreeee Lindy... like can't stop looking at her. you're gonna fall in love too <3

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