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cecelia margaret | newborn

from the moment i walked into their *beautiful beautiful !!* home, Todd and Katie made me feel welcome in every way. It just so happened that the day we scheduled to do this newborn shoot with

picture-perfect baby Cecelia, their family was in town and I was able to capture these special moments spending time with their new grandaughter/niece and she is obviously the star of the show (rightly so, just look at her little face!!!)

I left my time with the Foose's feeling truly inspired by my job. I think what stuck with me the most was seeing the way Todd and Katie adore Cecelia. Like i'm pretty sure she can do NO wrong, even when she cries it's cute. She is their first born and it is so apparent they could not be more in love with her. In my short time spend with them, I know Todd and Katie are the absolute best parents to this little girl, and they have an amazing support system in their family... Cecelia Margaret is loved more than she knows! <3

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