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remi rose | birth

in every moment, Jen embodied grace and strength even through exhaustion and now i’m convinced she can do anything!!! She pushed for two hours, with her supportive husband Zach standing with her every step of the way. After those two hours, doctors decided a c-section was needed and although no one wants to hear that, Jen had a huge smile on her face and never let it take away from the fact that they would be meeting their little girl face to face in a few moments! I followed them along into the OR and couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to film these special moments when Jen and Zach met Remi. There is nothing more beautiful than new life entering the world and nothing sweeter than siblings meeting for the first time (and the hand holding, every time i try not to get emotional and yet here we are) As always, it really is an honor to see these special moments unfold <3 sending love and the biggest congratulations to the Walker’s and their perfect new addition, Remi Rose!!

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