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barron james | birth

As soon as I met Ali, I felt like I instantly made a new friend (+3 because her children are the sweetest /most adorable.) Ali and her husband Tyler planned to do a home birth, but ended up being induced at Ephrata Hospital as Ali was 2 weeks overdue (some little ones just don't like the outdoors !!) Aside from Barron taking his time, everything couldn't have gone better! Ali was so calm and all smiles in between contractions (and yes, this magic thing called an epidural was involved) and Tyler was the most supportive husband, always checking Ali's progress on the monitor and by her side every step. No one knew the gender and one of my favorite parts from this day, besides the obvious *grand entrance*, was when Aspen, Elle, and Ruxton came in to meet their new baby BROTHER. <3 Their faces instantly lit up and the famous question was "when can i hold him again?" and melt!!

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