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averie maeve | birth

if this were a Friends episode, i’d call it “the one i almost missed”.

i left my house within 2 minutes *didn’t even brush my teeth how cute* of getting the phone call at 5:45am saying “the baby is coming” and adrianna is fully dilated !! abe was keeping me updated as i was on my way to the hospital through texts and when i was 5 minutes away, adrianna's water broke. i got there with a whole 3 minutes to spare from the time i walked into the room to the time Averie Maeve was born!! i just kept thinking PRAISE THE LORD i didn’t hit an extra red light.

adrianna and abe couldn’t have been happier that after her long awaited arrival, Averie was finally here in their arms and i am so honored they chose me to film these special moments for them. they had their son, AJ, come meet his little sister later that morning and although he wasn't so sure at first, you can see him warm up to her sweet little face as time went on. i'm sure they'll grow up best friends. :)

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